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"We strive to ensure stable and reliable supplies of high quality products at the most attractive conditions for our customers"






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Biscom International AG has established stable long term relationships with its customers. Our market focus is the strongest in Europe and the Middle East but also covers Asia and the USA. We believe in going through every necessary step when building business with our customers. On the technical side we check all the customer requirements and possible challenges prior to offering products. After identifying products matching our customer needs, we proceed to offer our high quality products at competitive commercial conditions along with the financial and the logistics support.

Our strategy is to maintain being relevant to the market by utilizing our 3 strengths:

  • Price competitiveness: Based on the advantage of having exclusive supply source, in which we finance the production (steel scrap, copper granules and powders, brass rods, lead ingots), Biscom International AG has flexibility in both price terms and production/shipment capability. This edge can provide customer with high satisfaction of receiving high quality products at the very best price condition.

  • Finance: We provide financial support to customer based on own sound financial background backed by European banking.

  • Trade know-how: We provide range of services to facilitate delivery of goods: logistics, tolling, managing local delivery problems, market intelligence.

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